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2016-05-02 -

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2016-04-29 -

CIM Authentification - Déclarations sur l'Honneur T2/2015 - T1/2016 Quotidiens

Les déclarations trimestrielles sur l'honneur pour le 1ère trimestre 2016 pour les quotidiens sont disponibles ici.

2016-04-28 -

Assemblée Générale Ordinaire 2016 : composition du Conseil d’Administration

Suite aux élections statutaires qui ont eu lieu pendant l’Assemblée Générale qui s’est tenue ce 26 avril dernier, la composition du Conseil d’Administration a été modifiée.

Cliquez ici pour découvrir la liste actualisée des Administrateurs.

2016-04-28 -

CIM : Président

Lors de sa séance du mardi 26 avril 2016, le Conseil d’Administration du CIM a réélu Monsieur Thierry KEYEN à l’unanimité comme Président du CIM.

Conformément aux statuts de l’association, il s’agit d’un nouveau mandat de 3 ans. 

2016-04-28 -

Avis aux Membres du CIM : cotisation 2016

Nous vous informons que, suite à l’Assemblée Générale Ordinaire 2016 qui s’est tenue le 26 avril dernier, le montant de la cotisation annuelle de membre pour 2016 reste inchangé, à savoir 780 € (hors TVA) pour le Membre Individuel et 450 € (hors TVA) pour le Membre Affilié.

2016-04-25 -

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2016-04-18 -

Les rapports Télévision sont publiés

2016-04-06 -

CIM Press Audience 2016-2019

The Center for Information about the Media (CIM) has awarded a 3-year contract for the new National Readership Survey fieldwork to IPSOS Belgium.

This contract includes not only the classical readership study with 10.000 Belgian residents a year, but also the new affiliated daily readership panel for newspapers and possibly issue readership research on magazines.

The CIM will announce the final choice of its partner to process and model readership results later this year.


Stef Peeters, General Manager of CIM, welcomes the decision: "I am happy that all parties involved agreed on an innovative approach to measure press readership. While building on a solid tradition of readership surveys in Belgium, the CIM has significantly raised the bar with its ambition to shape daily audience results for newspapers, and issue specific readership for magazines. The next step is the integration of paper and digital currencies in press. This will allow the sector to support innovative business models in advertising."

Gerd Callewaert, Country Manager of IPSOS Belgium, is thrilled by this new challenge: "We are very proud that after an extensive evaluation process the CIM selected IPSOS for its new press project. The proposed approach is indeed groundbreaking in the area of press audience measurement, which is for us challenging and exciting at the same time."


The CIM is the Joint Industry Committee of media, media agencies and advertisers, responsible for audience currencies in Press, Internet, TV, Radio, Cinema and Out-of-Home in Belgium.

Contact: Stef Peeters, General Manager,, +32 2 661 31 50, Avenue Herrmann-Debroux 46, 1160 Brussels.


As part of the IPSOS group, IPSOS Belgium performs quantitative and qualitative market research.

Contact: Gerd Callewaert, Country Manager,, +32 9 216 22 21, Rooigemlaan 2 B4, 9000 Ghent.

2016-04-05 -

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